Light bridal jacket knitted in pastel for summer and spring brides

Who wants to bring a little lightness into their wardrobe now?

Because the woolen coats and thick down in the dark winter colors have had their day for the time being. Now pastel, sorbet and powder tones ensure a good mood and lightness in the wardrobe.

Bridal jacket cloud in powder tone

Spring brings delicate colors with it

In spring, the fabrics become lighter again, so the wearer can snuggle up in comfortable cashmere . On some spring days it's a little fresher, so the wonderfully warm angora jacket works wonders. The perfect jackets for spring fashion should be light and cuddly.

Lilac, apricot, vanilla yellow and mint

Bridal cardigan in mint for spring brides

The jackets and boleros are colorful, but not "loud" in their coloring and they can be combined very well. This is how lilac, apricot, vanilla yellow and mint make their grand entrance. Because these shades can be perfectly coordinated with white, cream or navy and black.

Playing with delicate tones

Leave the old denim jacket in the closet. A denim jacket does not always have to be worn with jeans. Pretty boleros and short jackets are often better for combining. Because they are the ones who give the styling its very own touch.

Every woman wears a jacket and trousers made of jeans, that's really nothing special. If you want to give your spring outfit the right kick, then it can be a light jacket in pastel. The spring outfit that makes all trees bloom can also be upgraded with a smart stole .

We knit for brides: BEEMOHR

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