The wedding rings - The outer symbol of love

A wedding without wedding rings would not be a wedding

After all, the highlight of every wedding ceremony is the exchange of rings . Wedding rings have a long history behind them, they have been known since ancient times and yet they have not lost their deep meaning to this day.

Once iron now gold, silver or platinum

The wedding rings are an expression of the never-ending and they stand for eternity. Only the material of the rings has changed over the years. What sparkles brilliantly on the finger today was bent from a simple piece of iron in the past. But fortunately it is not the value that counts, but solely the symbolism behind it.

Wedding rings The heart of the wedding

Amoris vein

We in Germany and Austria wear wedding rings on the right hand. But not everyone does it that way. Just why? The love vein called Vena Amoris is responsible for this. This love vein should lead directly from the heart to the left ring finger. That is why many bridal couples like to choose their left hand to wear the ring for eternity.

The most beautiful gold in the world

For some couples they are jokingly the smallest handcuffs in the world, for others they are a highlight on the finger. But for the loving bride and groom , they are more. Because they wear the most beautiful gold in the world on their fingers.

How much can the wedding rings cost?

Some invest more in the celebration so that friends have a beautiful wedding, some in the honeymoon, some in the bridal jewelry, and some in everything.

I was once invited to a wedding that took place in my own apartment. Small and "cosy", a CD player was running in the living room, so the celebration was rather narrow. I think that's generally fine, every bridal couple, just as they like it best. Here in this case more was spent on the rings than on the celebration. By the way, I don't go to this couple's parties anymore.

Other friends bought simple rings at the St. Pauli Christmas market, each for less than 100 EUR, and gave a wonderful celebration in a pub with a delicious barbecue buffet.

Basically we made everything bigger ourselves; chic celebration and beautiful rings, although they were certainly not that expensive in comparison. We each spent 500 EUR on silver rings. Although my husband left his to the sea on his honeymoon :-(

So that 3 x 500 EUR flowed into the budget for bridal rings. We chose matte silver rings with an engraving on the inside.

Lost the wedding ring on honeymoon

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