Marry in winter

Dear brides, it's getting really cold

The 1st Advent is coming soon and hopefully the snow will come soon. If you are getting married in winter, then a warm cardigan is essential. Something cuddly soft and comfortable to wear is the icing on the cake for your bridal outfit.

A winter wedding is a beautiful thing, especially when the bride is walking in the white snow. What a photo backdrop. Friends of mine got married in the mountains because they met while skiing. Here the bridal couple had an almost snow guarantee. At a wedding in the mountains, the only question is whether all the guests will put up with the long journey. Of course you can easily combine such a wedding in the mountains with a skiing holiday.

Winter wedding Bride in the snow

So that you don't freeze at your wedding

... we knitted some cozy jackets and throws for brides.

  • The Jacky model is particularly warm

Knitted bridal bolero for the winter

In a few days, cozy throws or shoulder warmers made of cozy wool will be added, namely this yarn. The models can be found in the Bridal Jackets and Bridal Accessories section :

Cuddly bridal jackets in creamWinter brides need a warm jacket or throw

With this wool you will not freeze even at a winter wedding. It's soft, hugs and doesn't scratch. When I saw this yarn for the first time, I immediately had ideas for a bridal throw. The wool fits perfectly for this. I will put a button on the top of the throw so that it holds up well and doesn't slip.

♛ I wish you a wonderful winter wedding ♛

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