Marry in cashmere bolero classy and warm

Dear brides , today I bought more cashmere wool. Just the right yarn for queens, we knit your wedding bolero in white, ivory, dusky pink, light blue and even more colors, look at the color chart.

I am happy to knit every model on my site in cashmere for you: for your wedding or for other festive occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, company celebrations or even for
Cashmere jacket for the wedding in dusky pink
everyday life. Recently, a customer ordered a cardigan for her doctor's day - in antique pink made of cashmere - a dream and so you are the center of attention every day and feel good, cashmere boleros are pleasantly soft to wear :-)

and here a cashmere bolero jacket with hearts: Julia bolero jacket for marriage with hearts

The bridal sweater is very delicate, we knitted the bridal bolero jacket Julia with embroidered hearts. This is also very well received and is just right for a love wedding. If you dare and have enough practice or a grandmother, aunt then you can also knit the bridal bag yourself.

Shown is white, the white is snow-white, the cream of cashmere is clearly cream. Dusky pink and light blue go very well with wedding dresses . This reminds me of Anna and Elsa: white and light blue a majestic combination that looks beautiful.

I will make some offers in July so that you can wear a bridal bolero to your wedding even on a smaller budget.

Lately I've been more concerned with SEO so that even more brides and knitting enthusiasts can find my site. Content - good content - is important. I've found some blog partners who will publish their articles here, and I've also posted a lot of wonderful knitting instructions - for free. The instructions are from Katia and you can find the right yarn in my online shop .

Speaking of knitting instructions; I have now created a practical knitting box for the very popular cuddly jacket " Jacky "; so you can knit your bridal jacket yourself . Again, I have some colors for you: off white, ivory, dusky pink, light brown, light gray and red.

You can knit this bridal bolero easily and it doesn't take long because the wool is a bit thicker. mistakes are forgiven; loose or tight stitches, as the cuddly fiber hides small flaws. So dare and knit your bridal jacket yourself.

The weather is not exactly the perfect wedding weather for the summer. Basically, you can almost always use a warming bridal jacket , especially in church it is often cooler. We can also deliver quickly if you decide to buy a bolero at short notice. Write to us or call us, we can ship most jackets within a few days and by express.

Cashmere sweater white for brides

We won't let you freeze at your wedding .

Bridal sweater knitted from cashmere in white:

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