Wedding fashion for autumn brides

Jackets for fall & winter weddings

Now the bride needs cuddly clothes in which she can snuggle up wonderfully. Because a wedding in which the main person - the bride - freezes, that is not possible under any circumstances. A bolero, a fine knitted jacket, a subtle scarf or an effective stole can help and also ensure a trendy appearance on the wedding day.

Fine knit - The best part for the cooler season

Late-summer warm we could have endured it longer, but unfortunately. The weather has changed, it has become significantly cooler. We don't let that get us down and we certainly don't throw our wedding plans overboard. Because there is something special about getting married in the fall. The colorful foliage backdrop as a background and honestly, how could a summer of a century end better than with a wedding of the century:

          • your wedding!

Cozy cardigan for autumn brides and winter brides Cardigan for the wedding dress warm and protective for registry office and church Jacket knitted in ivory for brides

Cuddly warm!

This is how the bride can feel when she promises "her Romeo" the YES word forever. Cuddly warm and as a little princess whose dream has finally come true. At the registry office, in the church, on the ship or at the champagne reception:

    • You won't freeze at your wedding!
Cardigans perfectly complement a dress and especially a wedding dress. They also nestle well, are comfortable and skin-friendly. Wool can be beautifully combined with tulle and silk. So you are wonderfully stylish and also comfortably dressed at your wedding.

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