Wedding Planning - One month before the big event

- The wedding planning -

A month before

The dream of your own wedding is finally becoming a reality. The anticipation of the bridal couple increases immeasurably. But it can also be further prepared:

The wedding rings are waiting to be picked up by the celebrant and adjusted again.

It's now time for the bride to try styling

The course of the wedding is taking shape and is being organized again with all those involved. All dates will be reconfirmed.

The program booklets for the church are created.

The ideas for the wedding newspaper are put on paper.

The fitting for suit and wedding dress is imminent.

The wedding dress is found

One week ago

It is the final countdown, now there are only little things waiting; to be done:

Important documents for the wedding ceremony are prepared.

The rings are handed over to the groomsmen for safekeeping.

Entry is being tried.

A day before

The hearts of the bride and groom are pounding with excitement. Have you really thought of everything? Definitely, if you've followed our wedding checklist.

The wedding dress and the suit are prepared.

Handkerchiefs will be distributed in the pews.

Loved by traditions bring friends and family back to life: there's something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue for the bride.

Wedding day!

The time has come! Two hearts beat with excitement and now always for each other .

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