Would you like to get married in the classic wedding colors of white and ivory?

The wedding colors accompany the bride and groom

... from preparation to your big day. These colors can be found everywhere, in the bridal bouquet and in the invitation to the wedding.

That's why the bridal couple can dive into the realm of colors in good time and make the right decision.

Bridal sweater in an off white: ivory

What color would you like it to be?

As a rule, the favorite color of the bridal couple comes into play. Many choose a combination of the preferred tones.

Because the dream in pink often has too much effect on the groom. Therefore, a compromise should always be made that produces the perfect color combination.

Why not get married in light blue?

Playing with colors

It is important to choose a color that sets the tone. This color should then be supplemented with one or two other nuances. A harmonious interplay of colors is achieved when the secondary colors are very similar to the base tone. The colors red, pink and cream always complement each other perfectly.

The classic wedding colors

Classic wedding colors are still popular. These include a light pink, green, white and red. Red is still the classic when it comes to wedding colors. After all, this is the color of love and should not be missing at any wedding .

It should rain red roses for you, every bride should wish that.

But first have fun choosing the wedding colors.

And remember, blue represents permanence and loyalty. Maybe throw in a touch of blue.

Blue accessories for the wedding

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