Open studio on 05/13/17 at Beemohr

The new collection has been online for about 2 months now and these are the most popular models:

Helena is often ordered by customers from the USA, Elly and Julia rather from all over Germany. Elly has a low-cut back so that the bridal hairstyle remains intact when you put it on. Otherwise Elly is comfortable to wear thanks to the lace pattern; airy and slightly warming: a small one bridal accessory . Julia is something for the romantic wedding with the knitted hearts, the jacket goes perfectly with hers dear wedding

All jackets are available in the classic bridal colors:

  • off-white
  • ivory
  • ivory

Helena Elly
Getting married with a Beemohr cardigan Bridal sweater made of soft, fine wool

See the entire 2017 collection here

Open studio

For the first time I open my gates. I would like to test the resonance and when such a day arrives, I would like to open my studio regularly.

Make a note of May 13, 2017 , from 11 a.m. you can try on jackets in my studio and also take them with you and buy wool including knitting instructions if you prefer to knit your bridal jacket yourself ... like I did back then :-)

My studio is in Buchholz idN, 30 km south of Hamburg.

I introduce my TEAM

Happy knitters knit for Beemohr and it's me anyway - mostly ;-) now I've created interviews and you have the opportunity to learn more about my team and me. Here's the team .

I wish you a time full of ideas, try out new things and please don't forget the sport.

Kind regards from your Sabine Mohr .

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