Nice for the wedding day

Accessories for the wedding

The invitations have been written, the menu and table cards have been ordered, the ring pillow has already been chosen and the bridal couple has already decided on the brooch. A large potpourri of materials was procured, now the future bridal couple can build on their individuality and maybe inspire each other.

Nice for the bride

Because she should be really chic on her big day. From sheer lingerie to a breathtaking dress to a cuddly bridal jacket. Appropriate footwear in subtle ivory is required. And pay attention to many small accessories.

The little accessories that matter

The headdress. It doesn't always have to be a veil with a crown. Flowers as a headdress for the bride are absolutely trendy. The right perfume is crucial for the fragrant bride. This fragrance reminds a whole life of the one important day. It can be light, open and warm.

Flowers as ornaments for the bride

Feel like a princess

That's the request and that's the way it should be. Every bride is best guided by her passion, her creativity and her wealth of ideas, then the wedding day will certainly be the most beautiful day.

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