Bee Mohr has time - the summer months are not Bolero - buying months

We've had some very hot days, so hardly a bride thinks that she might need a cardigan for her wedding.

That's why I was able to devote myself to a few important topics:


  • How do visitors find my site?

Not an easy topic and so far my measures have not had any effects. What I've got so far:

  • Regular blog articles on wedding and Beemohr topics
  • The URL's are short
  • Titles contain the keywords
  • Alt texts for discoverability are added
  • The pages indexed via Google Search Console
  • Technically, the site has also performed very well since I've been using Shopify
  • The site is translated into English... which isn't ideal from an SEO perspective

What's not good yet:

  • My social media activities are too weak, I'm just starting to fill my Youtobe channel with content.
  • Too few backlinks

So far I can't see any improvement :-)

I invest in my further education in the topic of SEO.

I'm using the domain again! I hope my old visitor numbers will return and technical damage will be limited.

SEO for my bridal site

Can we all knit bolero jackets?

The Production: Yes, despite the lousy visitor numbers, we reached our limits; the knitters couldn't keep up. In itself a nice condition, at least better than the other way around. That leads me to talk to the knitting mills in this country, yes they still exist.

However, these - at least those I have contact with - only knit straight pieces: stoles, for example. So I can't get any further here.

I am very excited. That's why I'm looking for a new wool supplier. With hand knitting yarns I don't have to show up in front of the knitting factory gates.

When all these themes are optimized, I will design new models and finally start a new photo shoot.

And here I shot a video how a wide bolero is handknitted:

Light blue bolero super loose

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