Learn to knit with beemohr in Buchholz - bridal jacket and bridal bolero for your wedding dress

It's almost time and 2 knitting classes start in Buchholz in my studio:

  1. learn to knit for children; knit a scarf yourself
  2. start simple knitting projects for adults and get to know the basic techniques

Some time ago I was at school knitting classes and that was great fun for the children and also for me. Now the time has come and I start knitting classes in my cozy knitting studio. For children I will first teach the simple right and left - Knit and at the end the kids can take a finished scarf or loop home with them.

For adults I have two knitting projects to choose from; For starters, we will first learn the basic techniques here:

  • attack
  • Right-left knitting
  • Garter Knitting
  • English rib knitting (important for a nice thick scarf)

As soon as these techniques work well, adults can choose between two knitting projects:

knit a blanket or shawl

Sofa blanket to knit yourself

or a thick colorful scarf made from Ushuaia wool by Katia . After these projects, you can slowly venture into other knitting projects , such as baby blankets, cuffs, and eventually sweaters - practice makes the difference. With knitting you can create a wonderful balance to everyday stress and activate your creative side.

At the Knit you can see the result and hold it in your hands, wear a sweater or scarf yourself or give it away. Especially scarves and loops are nice projects because they are quick to knit and even beginners can do it.

My first knit sweater

I started with this sweater in the 80's, I knitted one for myself and one for my twin sister:

The knitting magazine is now around 30 years old, so it has suffered a bit. It's one of the few I've kept because knitting the cables was so much fun and I loved the sweater. Basically it would be murderous again, maybe I'll knit it again, but definitely not in pink, maybe a muted gray or black.

This sweater is definitely more challenging and you have to focus a lot on the stitchwork to make the face perfect. But you are rewarded, I loved this sweater .

You can do it too, feel free to come to my knitting course in August, there will be no more than 6 participants, so I can respond to each individual. If you feel like knitting , you can find out everything about registering by email : info@beemohr.de.

I look forward to seeing you, Sabine Mohr.

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