Beemohr at the photo shoot: styling the model

Beemohr we knit for brides & guests

1. This is us

2. The idea

I founded Beemohr in September 2007. The idea grew very slowly. I always wanted to start my own business. For many years I have been thinking and looking for something that can enrich my environment and me. And on this journey my life happened.

In 2005 I met my boyfriend at the time. In 2006, in a completely unexpected situation, he made a very romantic marriage proposal to me And of course I said " YES ". And the next question was, what am I wearing? I probably visited every wedding boutique in and around Hamburg, which was extremely exciting. I had a dress, but no matching jacket.

What I found; fantastically soft kid mohair wool in cream and golden lurex thread. Just the thing for my:

  • own creation of a bridal jacket.

That was the beginning of my knit collection . See for yourself and have a look around me store . I hope you will find the right bolero for your wedding dress or evening dress here.

3. The Label Beemohr

The name - I thought about it for a long time. The first letters of my husband and me: SaJa or SoJaSa, with the beginning of my daughter's name. And then a friend of mine told me that the company's name should

Bridal knit cardigan for your boho wedding

convey a message to the customer. Good idea! So I thought again, I always had a pen and a pocket book with me. I just wrote down what came to my mind and then I got the idea; my first name in English is BEE and combined with the last name: this is the perfect message for my clothes. Beemohr - the metaphor. It sounds like "be more" in English. So " get the best out of you ." With the Beemohr clothing you wear something special, you feel comfortable and contemplated and walk happily through the day and evening.

Anker 4. We knit in Germany

I design all cardigans and bolero in my studio in Buchholz in the Nordheide. Once a model is perfect, my knitters will lovingly handcraft it in a variety of sizes. I am pleased that they are close to me, so that I can visit them at short notice to discuss and exchange ideas.

knitting is done in Germany; Hamburg and Lower Saxony. I've been looking for a long time and it's more of a coincidence that "my" knitters live and work in the immediate vicinity. I hope to find one or more who work so wonderfully and with love for the craft . I buy the wool through sales dependencies in Germany, it is imported from Italy and Switzerland.

Anker 4. The Knitter's Team

All jackets are knitted by happy knitters . By now I have a team of 5 knitters, most of them have been there almost from the beginning. See here interviews with my knittiers. In addition you can see portraits of my model and our studio cat.

Crimson at her Brother knitting machine Lena on her knitting break Knitter Anja from the Beemohr team
Our second model Sophia Model for cardigans and dresses by Beemohr Model by Beemohr
Beemohr Fiona behind the scenes The cat ... our colleague who is just sleeping

                    6. How it started ... a look back

Beemohr was not planned. I had a job as a software tester at Otto. You already know; the family-friendly company in the north. When I was in my early 30s, I got a temporary job there. Still I was quite happy with this opportunity.

When I got into the happy situation of becoming a mother, I wanted to enjoy this time and only work part-time, which unfortunately was not possible within the Otto company. For me it was a happy coincidence, exactly the right time for my decision: I try and start my own business !

One of my best decisions ever:

  • No fixed working hours, I can work whenever I like
  • I don't have the stress of getting to work in the morning or in the evening
  • No uncomfortable boss, colleagues, I choose my team
  • Lean work processes
  • I determine the scaling
  • Last but not least; I love what I do...

      We are knitting for brides and guests since 2007

      I'm so happy We have been knitting for brides and guests for 12 years now. Many brides order from around the world. We now sell in over 20 different countries, originally 16 models have become about 100 products. In addition to new wedding jackets and bridal stoles we offer wool, knitting instructions, knitting sets and children's clothes from Belle & Boo.

      I still remember my first courageous performance very well.

      How did I know if my jackets would be liked and ordered?

      I had to slip into my bridal outfit again to find out. The wedding fair in Hamburg was fittingly in the exhibition halls. I packed my wedding dress and cardigan and went there, put on my bridal gown and strolled through the halls.

      There I asked the employees of the exhibitors; almost exclusively bridal shops, if they would like my knit jackets for brides . No one really liked it! However, I wasn't surprised; until then no bridal shop had offered knitted bridal jackets.

      That was the problem; there is only lace, I like to wear a curtain, often uncomfortable to wear.

      I was approached by a visitor asking: where I got my jacket from :-) That became my first customer :-)

      Conclusion : I got a lot of "no" and a "yes". I was so convinced that my idea was well received that I started immediately and did not let other "no's" - consistently from bridal shops - deter me. And that's good; I've now knitted jackets for more than 100s of brides and protected them from freezing.

      Many thanks to my customers! I am happy that many brides love to wear Beemohr jackets other pullover for their marriage .

      7. The History of Beemohr since 2007 till today

      Beemohr in the news

      Foundation 09.2007 * 08.2008 1st shoot * 09.2008 Beemohr goes online * 10.2008 Beemohr in the newspaper * 03.2009 2nd shoot * 04.2009 In the studio with the Morgenpost * 09.2009 3rd shoot * 06.2010 Article in Swiss Wedding * 06.2011 Beemohr goes online on Etsy201 * 2 New flower children bolero * 03.2013 Angora bolero for brides * 012014 bolero in color for evening dresses * 12.2015 out door shoot * 06.2016 bridal jacket made of baby alpaca * 03.2017 shoot of the new collection * 032017 bridal sweater collection made of cashmere and silk * 022018 new studio in Buchholz 04.2018 Beemohr in Love the new website * 03.2019 Beemohr for American Brides: * 092019 Smilla bridal sweater

      I'm getting married in 2007 with my self-knitted bolero
      Photo shoot the first with bridal jacketsBeemohr goes online in 2008Beemohr in the newspaper

      Photo shoot 2009 in the photo studio

      Beemohr at the knitting machine in the Hamburg studio
      Bridal jackets photographed in JenischparkBeemohr in the bridal newspaper Swiss Wedding
      Beemohr online on Etsy

      Flower children bolero knitted by Beemohr

      Angora bolero for brides

      Bolero jackets for evening dresses by Beemohr

      Beemohr shot in Jenischpark in Hamburg: Bridal Bolero

      Beemohr knits bridal jackets from baby alpaca with silk in ivory