Tips for choosing your bridal jacket

The question is: do you need a bridal bolero ? Many brides would like to show off their wedding dress in all its glory. My wedding planning was very different for me; a knitted bridal jacket with a dress was the romantic icing on the cake for me. That's why I searched for a long time, couldn't find a suitable jacket and knitted it myself.

I was overjoyed to have my cardigan with me for September, both at the registry office and at our champagne reception on the Elbe. Even in summer, no one really knows what the weather will be like.

A jacket with your wedding dress is always a good idea, because it can get cold or shady in the church or in the park.

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1. Which color off white, ivory or cream?

The color of the wedding dress is important to choose the right bolero. Most wedding dresses are ivory - that's an off-white - not pure white. The best choice of color for her cardigan in this case is: off white .

Bolero jacket for the wedding dress in off white or ivory

Some brides wear a colored wedding dress, for example in a light rose powder or with flowers. In the southern region people often like to get married in a festive dirndl. Or the dress is in a distinct cream. For your wedding dress, choose your jacket or your bridal sweater in cream.

Here you can see Elly in cream on the left and in off white on the right.

Bridal sweater in cream Bridal sweater for the wedding in ivory and off white

A beautiful addition to a white or ivory wedding dress or bridal skirt is the color powder. This bolero softens the white and creates an optical cappuccino effect. Here you can see the PIA model, which can be worn with or without a cord. Brides who visit me in the studio like to use this powder after trying them on. It looks warm and makes the bridal outfit soft and harmonious to the eye. For after wear, the color goes with almost everything.

Bridal cardigan knitted in a powder blush tone for weddings

Marry in pink, light blue, turquoise or any other color of your choice. If you would like to add a different color to your wedding dress than off-white, ivory or cream, you can choose from a range of around 20 different wool colors at Beemohr.

We knit cashmere in these colors

Cashmere cardigan

My favorites are pink and light blue - beautiful colors for a wedding.

We knit baby alpaca with silk in these colors

Baby alpaca jackets knitted with silk for brides

Here you can see Elly knitted in the colors pink and light blue.

Knitted sweater for brides in pink

2. What size do I choose?

The size you normally wear fits best. If in doubt, choose one size larger unless you like it fitted. If you are particularly tall or have longer arms, we can knit arms or body parts longer for you.

You are welcome to send us your measurements , please send:

  • underbust measurement
  • chest circumference
  • Biceps - the strongest part of the arm
  • shoulder width
  • Arm length measured from the shoulder point to 3 cm below the arm joint bone
  • height and weight

    ☆ How to take her measurements:

    Take measurements for your bridal bolero

    3. Which wool is best for my jacket?

    I searched and tested for a long time until I found the perfect wool for our bridal jackets:

    1. cashmere with silk
    2. Baby alpaca with silk
    3. Baby alpaca with silk + cashmere with merino in a mix for the thicker jackets like Sofie and Julia
    4. Kid mohair in different forms.

      3.1 Cashmere bolero for marriage

      Cashmere wool is delicate and super soft. These jackets are perfect for the wedding. They wear like a dream and are very skin-friendly.

      The Mia jacket with 3/4 sleeves was knitted with pink cashmere. In the pictures you can see the delicate look of this cashmere jacket.

      Cashmere jacket in pink for the wedding

      3.2 Jackets and sweaters for brides made from baby alpaca

      Baby alpaca with silk is also soft, but a bit more robust than cashmere . The alpaca colors are wonderfully suitable for wedding dresses.

      The Kathy model is knitted from baby alpaca - here in ivory . We can also adapt this model if you want a V-neck or 3/4 sleeves.

      Sweater knitted for weddings Beemohr jackets and sweaters for the bride

      3.3 bridal jackets warm for autumn brides and winter brides

      That was my longest experiment. I wanted exactly the right wool for wedding dresses . What I already ruled out before my search:

      • Cotton without special characteristics.
      • Alpaca, which didn't bring any fluff.
      • Mottled wool.
      • wool that scratches.
      • Wool that appears in a yellowish cream.
      • Industrial yarns that are chemically treated so that they can be knitted and then have to be laboriously post-treated.

      It was actually not easy to find the perfect wool for festive jackets . But my search was worth it. I've found:

      ☆ a beautiful alpaca as a hand knitting yarn: soft and comfortable to wear
      ☆ a soft cashmere /merino mix as a supplement

      The result is a soft jacket , with a light velor and a beautifully smooth knit pattern including an excellent color look for wedding dresses .

      This wool does not smell, does not scratch and does not need to be washed often because it is breathable . The heat will not accumulate like with polyacrylic.

      So you can dance and pump out adrenaline at your wedding without sweating under your jacket .

      Here are some models knitted from this mix: Kim and Helena .

      Knitted cardigan for brides Beemohr knits bolero jackets for the bride

      3.4 Kid mohair cardigans

      We use mohair to knit delicate jackets like this bolero in the colors: light blue and dusky pink. The jacket is well suited for weddings in spring and summer.

      Knitted cardigan in light blue for the wedding dress Jacket in dusky pink for the wedding

      We knit hand - knitted boleros from a thick fluffy mohair in many colors . These cardigans are usually very loose and fall well over the dress. They are knitted in a coarse mesh, which makes them soft and comfortable to wear.

      Hand knitted jacket for brides in white Bridal stole hand-knitted for the wedding dress

      4. How do I wash my bridal jacket?

      We almost exclusively use hand knitting yarns. Including cashmere, merino, silk, baby alpaca. If you bought a bolero or sweater from us, you don't need to wash it before your wedding. You can hang it out in the fresh air for a few hours, even after the wedding.

      So you have a lot of your bolero or sweater:

      1. Hand wash - not in the washing machine
      2. At about 30 degrees
      3. Best with a mild shampoo
      4. Just wring lightly
      5. Spread out a towel and lay the jacket on it to dry
      6. When it is almost dry, you can remove the towel and continue drying without a towel
      7. It is best to store pullovers lying flat in the closet, jackets can also be hung on a hanger.