Light lace stole knitted for romantic weddings from fine yarn


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This one is light and airy Knitted bridal stole

This stole is knitted from a soft handknit yarn in a 3D lace pattern. The pattern is knitted exactly like the Elly bridal sweater. Some brides have already combined both models.

♛ With this bridal stole you have a companion who is there when you need him. ♛

The cut of the knitted jacket is slightly tailored, there is a longitudinal waistband with buttons on the outer edge. The length in the back approx. 45 cm for the size. 38, otherwise 2 cm more or less, depending on the size.

You can wear this knitted stole even after your wedding , whether with a dress or even with jeans, and you can always think back to your wedding day and reminisce.

The special thing about this stole:

  • Lace pattern in 3D optics.
  • Knitted with a short ribbed waistband.
  • Cashmere or baby alpaca are the finest yarns for weddings.


  • color, width and length


The ivory cashmere is a little lighter than the ivory made from baby alpaca. For ivory-colored dresses, either color will do. The stole is shown in baby alpaca ivory.


  • Width: 55cm
  • Length: 200cm


  1. CASHMERE MIX: 50% Merino superfine, 30% silk, 20% cashmere
  2. BABY ALPACA: 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk

How was the stole knitted?

We knit in Germany in one of our knitting studios. This stole was knitted from a hand knitting yarn. No previous washing required, otherwise wash by hand - not in the washing machine - at 30°.


Except for the stole in baby alpaca ivory, we knit this model to order*.

* not returnable

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