STRICK-BOX jumper made of Ingenua wool by Katia with a hole pattern


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Sweater knitted in lace pattern

This sweater comes in a combination of:

  • rib pattern
  • Smooth legal pattern and
  • Knitted lace pattern.

For size M you can knit this sweater with just 4 balls of yarn. The sweater is shown in forest green 69.

This sweater is knitted with knitting needles 5 and 5.5 mm.

Knit kit content

  • Mohair wool from Katia
  • Knitting instructions for the sweater

Order a ready-knit jumper

If you don't know how to knit yourself, then order this sweater here .


Please enter the color numbers for your desired color.

Size and required wool

  • M: 36/38: 4 kn.
  • L: 40/42: 5 kn.
  • XL: 44/46: 5 kn.
  • XXL: 48/50: 6 kn.


  • German, Spanish, Italian, English

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