Cardigan DILL for the dirndl, wedding dress or jeans by Spieth & Wensky


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Traditional cardigan for the wedding dress

Cardigan in traditional look in natural - colored with a beautiful decorative edge with gold thread. This jacket is well suited for the dirndl or even the wedding dress or evening dress .

A narrow cable pattern runs down the center of the back - beautiful. The traditional jacket can be closed at the front with two decorated silver buttons with rhinestones. Your WEDDING in a traditional look. If you wear the jacket for your wedding dress , you can replace the buttons with a brooch or other buttons. Depending on the occasion, you can wear this jacket for many occasions with a dress or jeans.

Manufacturer: Spieth and Wensky


  • The cream corresponds to a wool-white or natural. Best seen in the pictures where the model is wearing the cardigan.


  • 60% wool, 40% polyester


Measurements for this jacket Gr. 38 - for all other sizes differ by about 2 cm: Lower back width: 42 cm Back length: 40 cm Arm length: 59 cm, measured from the shoulder ball, where the sleeve is inserted. Upper arm width: 34cm

The model is 1.68 tall, weighs 50 kg and normally wears size S. 34, here the size. 38

In the meantime, traditional jackets are not only worn in Bavaria. However, in other areas they are mainly taken out of the closet for the Oktoberfest .

However, you can wear a traditional jacket on many occasions, in the office, in the pub or at the theatre. These more robust, coarsely knitted jackets, often with accessories such as embroidery or very special buttons, find fans in many federal states and even abroad. I chose the Spieth & Wensky label here, this traditional costume can be worn on any occasion and is of excellent quality.

Traditional jackets can not only be worn with a dirndl, they can also be combined well with a wedding dress or evening dress . Advantages of a traditional jacket: warm, robust and hard-wearing with many details, such as embroidery and specially designed buttons. They last a lifetime and fit almost every fashion trend. Can be worn with both elegant dresses and casual jeans Because I like them so much myself, especially in fresh colors, I have a selection for online shopping on offer here on my site!

Choose the perfect Trachten cardigan to match your dirndl dress.

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